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Pocahontas Mutual Insurance Association offers Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Cost policies for town and country locations as well as personal property & equipment.

New policy holders

New applications received from our agents are inspected as soon as possible to ensure quality service to our customers.


Homeowner’s coverage is coverage for owner occupied property in town & farm. Included is personal property & detached outbuilding coverage. Extended coverage could be added by endorsement.


Farm Coverage includes coverage for outbuildings, confinements, solar fields & wind turbines, grain bins, suffocation, livestock blizzard, peak season, farm blankets and interruption.


We offer renters insurance is for those who choose to rent a property and would like coverage for their own personal property. Contents would be covered to an amount at full replacement or actual cash value.

Inland Marine

Inland marine coverage is coverage for special items that an individual might seek exclusive coverage for. For example jewelry, electronics, accessories and farm use atv vehicles.

Pocahontas Mutual Insurance does not offer coverage to commercial property.

Liability coverage can be provided by IMT Insurance of Des Moines IA.