In the Event of a Claim

Unplanned events happen when you least expect them, contact your agent immediately and file a claim.

Here are some steps to follow in the event of an unexpected loss

  • Clean up is necessary, but please allow the insurance company to inspect damage.
  • Protect your property from further damage. For example a hole in the roof caused by a fallen tree branch allowing rain into the house. Placing tarp to cover the roof to protect from further interior damage would be a step to consider.
  • In the event of a theft call the police immediately. Make a list of the stolen items so the list can be implemented into a submitted claim for adjusting.
  • Do not sign a contract for repairs to your property before the damage has been inspected and adjusted by Pocahontas Mutual Insurance.
  • Contact your agent and submit a claim, also give available contact information for adjuster to contact you.
  • Livestock claims will need a post-mortem/Necropsy report.
  • In the event of a fire call 911 immediately then contact your insurance agent.